hulahoop wounds (starscollide) wrote in boysxsuck,
hulahoop wounds


mk. i am the second to post here. yay for me.
if you wanna be a member, here's a requirements.
[1]you must submit a piece of writing, whether it's a poem, an essay, a letter; anything, as to why you'd like to join the community, why you think boys suck, etc. to please include basic information like your name or alias, livejournal name, age, location, etc.
[2]if we like you or if we like your piece we'll add you as a member.
[3]if you'd like, you can post your writing piece and/or information once you have joined the community. if you don't that's ok.
that's about it. oh and yeah...
why boys suck to me: they lie and cheat and...etc etc etc. they keep secrets from me although they are my best friend. i have to find out from their stepsisters or their other friends or by just seeing them walking in the hallway. bitter? oh yeahh.
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